92110 pET28TEV-Lb5Cas12a

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92110 pET28TEV-Lb5Cas12a

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    • 1μg (20 μL, 50 ng/μL)

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The pET28TEV-Lb5Cas12a plasmid is an expression plasmid for Lb5Cas12a (also known as Lb5Cpf1) protein, which is used to express and prepare Lb5Cas12a protein in Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3) strain. Lb5Cas12a is derived from Lachnospiraceae bacterium NC2008 strain. Lb5Cas12a is a DNA endonuclease mediated by crRNA. When the target ds DNA has a PAM (TTN) sequence, it specifically cuts the target ds DNA, breaks the DNA double-strand and generates sticky ends. At the same time, when the Lb5Cas12a protein combines with crRNA and target ds DNA to form a ternary complex, it will be activated for trans-cleavage activity against ssDNA, and the ssDNA in the system will be shredded. Therefore, the Lb5Cas12a protein can be used not only for in vitro cleavage of target dsDNA, but also for the development of nucleic acid rapid detection kits, etc. The plasmid contains a lactose operon inducible expression system, which can be induced to express the target protein by IPTG or lactose and its analogues.



Storage Conditions

Store at 4℃; transport at ≤ 4℃.




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