92119 pET28TEV-Un1Cas12f1

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92119 pET28TEV-Un1Cas12f1

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    • 1μg (20 μL, 50 ng/μL)

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The pET28TEV-Un1Cas12f1 plasmid is an expression plasmid of Un1Cas12f1 (also known as Un1Cas14a1) protein, which is used to express and prepare Un1Cas12f1 protein in Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3) strain. Un1Cas12f1 is an endonuclease that specifically binds and cleaves target ssDNA under the guidance of tracrRNA:crRNA (or sgRNA), and is not restricted by PAM sites. Compared with other Cas proteins, the molecular weight of Cas12f1 protein is generally smaller (400-700 aa), and the molecular weight of Un1Cas12f1 is about 61.5 kd. Similar to other Cas12 proteins. Un1Cas12f1 protein also has trans-cleavage activity against ssDNA and can be used for molecular detection of target nucleic acids (for details, please refer to PMID: 30337455). The plasmid contains a lactose operon inducible expression system, which can be induced to express the target protein by IPTG or lactose and its analogues.



Storage Conditions

Store at 4℃; transport at ≤ 4℃.



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