V32108S LbCas12a Beads (Single Reaction)

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V32108S LbCas12a Beads (Single Reaction)

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LbCas12a (previously known as Cpf1) is a crRNA-guided DNA endonuclease derived from the Lachnospiraceae bacterium ND2006 strain. LbCas12a specifically cleaves the dsDNA target in a PAM (TTN)-dependent manner, generating DSBs with sticky ends, and cleaves ssDNA target in a PAM-independent manner. In addition, both dsDNA and ssDNA targets can trigger the trans-cleavage activity of LbCas12a, that is, when the LbCas12a binds crRNA and target DNA to form a ternary complex,the trans-cleavage activity of Cas12a will be released to non-specifically cleave ssDNA sequences in the reaction system.

This product is lyophilized glycerol-free LbCas12a nuclease, which can be shipped and stored at room temperature. After being dissolved with its reconstitution buffer, it shows the same performance as the non-lyophilized type of LbCas12a (Cpf1) Nuclease (#32108, ToloBio). This product can be provided in a variety of lyophilized forms such as powder and beads to meet the needs of different downstream applications



LbCas12a Beads(Single Reaction)




LbCas12a Lyophilized Beads (8-TUBE STRIPS)

8 T 48 T 96 T

10 × HOLMES Buffer for Cas12a

1 mL 1 mL 1 mL



Storage Conditions

This product is stored and shipped at room temperature. After reconstitution, the liquid enzyme should be stored at -20 °C or below and is stable for at least one month. Repeated freezing and thawing should be avoided forreconstituted liquid enzyme.



Experiment Procedure

LbCas12a (Cat# V32108T/V32108S) CRISPR Trans-cleavage Experiment

1.Prepare the reaction mixture of CRISPR Trans-cleavage Experiment on ice as below.



Final concentration 

10 × HOLMES Buffer for Cas12a (#32042)

2 μL 1 ×

10 μM crRNA

0.5 μL 250 nM

1 μM Target DNA

0.5~5 μL 25~250 nM

10 μM HOLMES ssDNA Reporter(#31101)

0.5 μL 250 nM

Nuclease-free water

Up to 20 μL  

2.Dissolve the lyophilized powder/bead for a single reaction using the 20 μL reaction mixture prepared above.

3.Put the reaction mixture in the real-time PCR instrument to detect the fluorescent signals at 37 °C, and collect the fluorescent signals every 30 sec.



Experimental Results



Product Instruction

#V32108 LbCas12a (Cpf1) Nuclease (Lyophilized)




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