V32117E LwaCas13a Powder

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V32117E LwaCas13a Powder

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LwaCas13a (previously known as C2c2) is a crRNA-mediated RNA endonuclease derived from the Leptotrichia wadei strain. LwaCas13a specifically bands and cleaves the ssRNA target under the guidance of crRNA with a low dependency on the PFS site. In addition, when the LwaCas13a binds crRNA and target RNA to form a ternary complex, the trans-cleavage activity of Cas13a will be released to non-specifically cleave ssRNA sequences in the reaction system.

This product is a lyophilized glycerol-free LwaCas13a nuclease, which can be shipped and stored at room temperature. After being dissolved with its reconstitution buffer, it shows the same performance as the non-lyophilized type of LwaCas13a (C2c2) Nuclease (#32117, ToloBio). This product can be provided in a variety of lyophilized forms such as powder and beads to meet the needs of different downstream applications.




This product is stored and shipped at room temperature. After reconstitution, the liquid enzyme can be stable for a month stored at -20°C or below and repeated freezing and thawing should be avoided.








LwaCas13a Lyophilized Powder (SCREW CAP TUBES)

10 μg 100 μg 100 μg × 5

Reconstitution Solution

200 μL 200 μL 1 mL

10 × HOLMES Buffer for Cas13a

1 mL 1 mL 1 mL × 5



Experiment Procedure

LwaCas13a (Cat# V32117E) CRISPR Trans-cleavage Experiment

1.Prepare the reaction mixture of CRISPR Trans-cleavage Experiment on the ice as below.



Final concentration 

10 × HOLMES Buffer for Cas13a (#32045)

2 μL 1 ×

5 μM LwaCas13a Nuclease

1 μL 250 nM

10 μM crRNA

0.5 μL 250 nM

1 μM Target DNA

0.5~5 μL 25~250 nM

10 μM ssRNA Reporter(#31111)

0.5 μL 250 nM

Nuclease-free water

Up to 20 μL  

2.Put the reaction mixture in the real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument to detect the fluorescent signal at 37°C, and collect the fluorescent signal every 30 sec.



Experimental Results


Product Instruction

#V32117 LwaCas13a (Cpc2) Nuclease (Lyophilized)




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