V32118T AapCas12b Powder (Single Reaction)

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V32118T AapCas12b Powder (Single Reaction)

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Product overview


AapCas12b (previously known as C2c1) is a DNA endonuclease mediated by tracrRNA and crRNA (or sgRNA), which specifically cleaves the dsDNA target in a PAM (TTN)-dependent manner, generating DSBs with sticky ends, and cleave ssDNA target in a PAM-independent manner. In addition, both dsDNA and ssDNA targets can trigger the trans-cleavage activity of AapCas12b, that is, when the AapCas12b binds sgRNA and target DNA to form a ternary complex, the trans-cleavage activity of AapCas12b will be released to non-specifically cleave ssDNA sequences in the reaction system. AapCas12b is derived from Alicyclobacillus acidophilus and produced from E. coli BL21(DE3), with the optimal reaction temperature of 60 °C for in vitro analysis. Therefore, AapCas12b is more suitable for the creature of a “One-Step” CRISPR-Cas detection system when combined with the LAMP isothermal amplification technology.

This product is lyophilized glycerol-free AapCas12b nuclease, which can be shipped and stored at room temperature. After being dissolved with its reconstitution buffer, it shows the same performance as the non-lyophilized type of AapCas12b (C2c1) Nuclease (#32118, ToloBio). This product can be provided in a variety of lyophilized forms such as lyophilized powder and lyophilized beads to meet the needs of different downstream applications



Storage Conditions

This product is stored and shipped at room temperature. After reconstitution, the liquid enzyme should be stored at -20 °C or below and is stable for at least one month. Repeated freezing and thawing should be avoided for reconstituted liquid enzyme




AapCas12b Powder(Single Reaction)




AapCas12b Lyophilized Powder (8-TUBE STRIPS)

8 T 48 T 96 T

10 × HOLMES Buffer for Cas12b

1 mL 1 mL 1 mL

· The amount of AapCas12b in a single lyophilized bead is 5 pmol and is recommended for a 20 μL CRISPR reaction system.



Experiment Procedure

AapCas12b (Cat# V32118T/V32118S) CRISPR Trans-cleavage Experiment

1.Prepare the reaction mixture of CRISPR Trans-cleavage Experiment on ice as below.



Final concentration 

10 × HOLMES Buffer for Cas12b(#32043)

2 μL

1 × 

10 μM sgRNA

0.5 μL

250 μM
1 μM Target DNA  0.5 ~ 5 μL

25 ~ 250 μM

10 μM HOLMES ssDNA Reporter(#31101)  0.5 μL

250 μM

Nuclease-free Water

Up to 20 μL


2.Dissolve the lyophilized powder/bead for a single reaction using the 20 μL reaction mixture prepared above.

3.Put the reaction mixture in the real-time PCR instrument to detect the fluorescent signal at 60 °C, and collectthe fluorescent signals every 30 sec.



Experimental Results



Product Instruction

#V32118 AapCas12b (C2c1) Nuclease (Lyophilized)




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