V32119S UnlCas12f1 Beads (Single Reaction)

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V32119S UnlCas12f1 Beads (Single Reaction)

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Product overview


UnlCas12f1 (previously known as Un1Cas14a) is an endonuclease that specifically binds and cleaves ssDNA target under the guidance of tracrRNA and crRNA (or sgRNA alone), and does not require a PAM site. In addition, Un1Cas12f1 can also specifically cleave dsDNA target in a PAM-dependent manner, causing DSBs and generating sticky ends. Similar to other Cas12 family proteins, Un1Cas12f1 protein also has the trans-cleavage activity against ssDNA, and both dsDNA or ssDNA targets can trigger its trans-cleavage activity, that is, when Un1Cas12f1 binds sgRNA and target DNA to form a ternary complex, it releases trans-cleavage activity to non-specifically cleave ssDNA sequences in the reaction system.

Compared with other Cas proteins, Cas12f1 protein is generally smaller (400-700 AA). Similar to Cas12a and Cas12b, Cas12f can also be used to develop CRISPR-Dx systems for rapid detection of nucleic acids (For details, please refer to PMID: 30337455).



Storage Conditions

This product is stored and shipped at room temperature. After reconstitution, the liquid enzyme should be stored at -20°C or below and is stable for at least one month. Repeated freezing and thawing should be avoided for reconstituted liquid enzyme.








Un1Cas12f1 Lyophilized Powder (8-TUBE STRIPS)

8 T 48 T 96 T

10 × HOLMES Buffer for Cas12f

1 mL 1 mL 1 mL



Experiment Procedure

Un1Cas12f1 (Cat# V32119T/V32119S) CRISPR Trans-cleavage Experiment

1.Prepare the reaction mixture of CRISPR Trans-cleavage Experiment on the ice as below.



Final concentration 

10 × HOLMES Buffer for Cas12f (#32044)

2 μL 1 ×

10 μM sgRNA

0.5 μL 250 nM

1 μM Target DNA

0.5~5 μL 25~250 nM

10 μM HOLMES ssDNA Reporter(#31101)

0.5 μL 250 nM

Nuclease-free water

Up to 20 μL  

2.Put the reaction mixture in the real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument to detect the fluorescent signal at 37°C, and collect the fluorescent signal every 30 sec.

3.Put the reaction mixture in the real-time PCR instrument to detect the fluorescent signal at 37°C, and collect the fluorescent signals every 30 sec.



Experimental Results


Product Instruction

#V32119 Un1Cas12f1 (Cas14a) Nuclease (Lyophilized)




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